Mineral water and global warming

For all the supposed health benefits of Natural Mineral Water, there are some awkward ecological downsides to the business. In an era of increasing concern about global warming, it has been pointed out that much of the £1 (or more) price of a 1.5-litre plastic bottle of water comes from transport costs. Mineral water is being shipped huge distances to reach our tables; a quarter of the mineral water sold in the UK comes from abroad.

In addition, the plastic bottles are made from crude-oil products such as PET (polyethylene terephthalate). They may be recyclable, but often end up in landfill sites, or are incinerated, producing toxic waste gases, or in some cases are shipped all the way to China, where recycling costs are cheaper.

Questions have also been asked about the benefit of drinking water that may sit in its plastic bottle, at room temperature, for two years or more before it exceeds its 'best before date'.

All this for a product that you might alternatively be able to get from a tap in your kitchen for a fraction of the price.

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